Pam Fletcher Registered landscape Architect

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About this practice:


This consultancy is located on Sydney’s northern beaches following establishment in Forster NSW in 1992.

The practice offers services in the field of landscape architecture from onsite landscape design advice to master and concept planning, documentation and stakeholder consultation.  Services can be provided on an individual basis or as part of a multi disciplinary team. 

Documentation can be provided using AutoCAD and MapInfo Pro programs.

Landscape documentation can be provided for a range of projects in the government, domestic, commercial, public and private sectors.

Pam Fletcher is registered with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and has an honours bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture for UNSW.

Past projects have included:

PUBLIC SECTOR:  Urban and town centres;  Large scale open space planning;  Open space projects;  Educational facilities;  Community facilities;  Natural areas projects and Foreshore projects

PRIVATE SECTOR:  Subdivisions and Housing - single dwellings, group homes, multiple density housing, aged care facilities, seniors living projects and residential subdivisions - Commercial and industrial projects


Vision - Landscape design for climate change:


This practice has a particular interest in planning for the future through careful consideration and selection of species to tolerate predicted changes to our climate.

Current modelling for climate change predicts several possible scenarios for the next 60 years.

Whilst all scenarios agree to temperature increases, predictions for rainfall vary greatly from significantly more than at present to significantly less.

What we select and plant now will matter if we are to ensure ongoing success and longevity of those core plantings.




Pam Fletcher at:

Address:    23 Sydney Rd Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia


Mobile:      0408 417 761